Core Foundations

Core Foundations

Dr. Tom's Core FoundationsRebuild & Maintain with Core Foundations

After Cleansing & Detoxifying your body is ready to Rebuild & Maintain. Dr. Tom Francescott's exclusive Core Foundations program offers a unique selection of hand picked products for a variety of common health concerns to help restore your body's balance and improve the way you feel ongoing.

Each "Core Foundation" is a group of professional products selected by Dr. Tom Francescott.

Achieve maximum results. Core Foundations remove the guess work from product selection and save you time and money.



Core Foundations Make Your Life Easier!

A Core Foundation is simply a COMPLETE program of pre selected products that achieve maxiumum results. You choose a Product Category then personalize your Core Foundation with your preferences (i.e flavors, powders, capsules). For Example, each Core Foundation offers a protein shake (Functional Food), but you get to choose the flavor. It's simple!

The true path to better health is to 1) Cleanse & Detoxify then 2) Rebuild & Maintain with Core Foundations.

If you need help Make An Appointment or schedule a Phone Consultation by calling 845-876-5556. Or find the right Core Foundation for you.

Core Foundations (click on a category to see the products)
Aging Well Bladder & Urinary Tract Blood Sugar Bones & Joints
Brain Health Complimentary Care Detox & Cleansing Digestion
Eye Care Heart Health Hormones Immune System
Lungs & Breathing Mood Balancing Skin Care Sleep
Surgery Support Weight Management    


What's in each Core Foundation?

Core 1: Functional Foods

Core 1 Nourish the body with high quality products for healthy bones, muscles, hair, and skin. Building Your Core Foundation starts with establishing a strong foundation of nutrition for healthy and optimal living. Proteins and amino acids form the basis of your body structure. Core 1 products provide excellent hypoallergenic, Non-GMO Protein plus other foundational building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. Great quality, clean, and sustainable proteins are absolutely necessary for your body to live in this modern world especially in times of stress, long work days, intensive exercise programs, and intense immune challenges. Core 1 products provide “clean” proteins low in sugar to support muscle metabolism and blood sugar support to help you regain control of your weight and body. Core 1 can take the guess work out of what to have for a breakfast, snack, or meal replacement. Core 1 provides simple and quick nutrition on the go to help you feel energized and to make the right dietary choices in your day. Nourish yourself with easy to absorb fuel for your body and mind.

Core 1 helps you establish a “new normal” and makes it very easy to transition to a healthier way of living. Just select the right one for you!

Core 2: Probiotics

Core 2 = Repair, maintain, restore, and return to vibrant health. Once we are more nourished then we can focus on repair, fixing or restoring what needs mending from the inside. Core 2 directly helps repair or restore “Your Core-Your guts”. Probiotics are fundamental for your digestion, immune system, and detoxification. Core 2 products target the best options for quick results.

Core 3: Oils

Core 3 = Protect your body with high-quality fats. Once we nourish and repair, then we focus on protection. Good quality fats are fundamental to defend our bodies and mind from environmental toxins and the aging process. Consuming beneficial fats help preserve our brains and our hearts. Oils also protect and stabilize our blood sugar and help support an optimal body weight.

Core 4: Multi’s

Core 4 = Replenish your body with all the necessary nutrients to build a solid core foundation. Living in today’s modern world requires us to constantly replenish our reserves, our nutrients. Every biochemical pathway in the body requires vitamins, minerals, and/or antioxidants to function properly. To ensure optimal function, we must make sure that we have an adequate supply of these key nutrients. Core 4 ensures that we are meeting our daily nutritional needs. Core 4 also makes sure that we can meet the demands of stress and support our bodies, mind, and detoxification pathways.

Core 5: Specialty

Core 5 = Complete your core foundation by meeting your individual needs. Building and completing your core foundation is an individual process. Depending on your lifestyle, body, stress, and immune systems, you will have different needs that need to be addressed. My Core 5 specialty products support a variety of issues. So whether its your immune, musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive or hormonal systems, complete your core foundation by selecting what most suits your individual needs.

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